• Il mio abitino ELI B. protagonista della copertina di

    Sono una fashion blogger appassionata di made in Italy e per la nuova copertina del mio blog ho scelto di indossare un abito del...
  • #fashionrevolution

    We are going to change fashion let’s join us  #fashionrevolution movement
  • The iconic bag in Montecarlo

      the bag must be iconic -  Shooting  in the most iconic luxury place
  • Candy Valentino x ELI.B
  • La mort des amants, manteau

    Painting by Marco Zappa Tiffany fashion week Ritz, Paris 2019 

    By Angelina Kali  fashion blogger

    Find our new collection in USA ...Grace Kelly Vibes- Timeless fashion for the modern day woman. Channel you inner style icon. Contact us today to s...
  • DOLCE VITA bag

    Iconic bag  made in Italy   
  • Art

    Soave sia il vento collection in Houston, Texas
  • GOTS

    GOTS is a international recognized standard use for the pourpose of the socially sustainable and non- polluting manufacturing chain. GOTS focuses o...
  • Tipim Kayik artist

    Who killed women’s spirits? Note: The text above was written by the Artist. COCAPROJECT.ART Tipim Kayık Turkey
  • Renee Pederson ELI.B USA

    welcome to ELI.B team 

    Renee Pederson USA brand rappresentative