• Art

    Soave sia il vento collection in Houston, Texas
  • ELI.B art wall 200x200

    Art wall  200x200 printing canvas 
  • GOTS

    GOTS is a international recognized standard use for the pourpose of the socially sustainable and non- polluting manufacturing chain. GOTS focuses o...
  • Art by Tipim Kayik

    Who killed women’s spirits? Note: The text above was written by the Artist. COCAPROJECT.ART Tipim Kayık Turkey https://www.instagram....
  • Renee Pederson ELI.B USA

    welcome to ELI.B team 

    Renee Pederson USA brand rappresentative

  • Tiffany fashion show Paris - video

    Tiffany fashion week

    Shangri La hotel 

    Paris fashion week 2017

  • Budapest fashion week - video

    Budapest fashion week 2018


    Fashion art dresses collection

    paint on dresses by the Italian artist Federico Paris


    Amazing things happen when women support each other.Clothes isn’t going to change the world but the women that make them will.-AK👗🇮🇹🌍 @eli.b_italy ...
  • Budapest fashion week - video
  • Mariella Gentile Artist

    Dress painted by Mariella Gentile artist Title: RED MISTAKE acrilic artist: Mariella Gentile the canvas: Eva,the first woman...
  • Budapest fashion week - video