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     The "Budapest Fashion Week" 2016 was held for the first time within the Italian Cultural Institute in Budapest. The new Italian Ambassador to Budapest, Massimo Rustico, also took part in the opening. On the evening of the inauguration we interviewed the Turin stylist ELI.B on the sidelines of her show. Among the numerous brands that presented their collections there is also another Italian brand, Zerobarracento. The supermodel from London, the charming Maurisa Selene Coleman, paraded for the occasion in the hall that was the Hungarian Parliament until 1902.
  • ELI.B collection made in Organic cotton

    ORGANIC COTTON Organic Cotton is grown with a very low environmental impact. The soil is fertilized naturally, without the use of chemical or toxic pesticides and fertilizers. Property - breathable; - protects from the heat; - hypoallergenic; - resistant to use and washing.
  • F.A.K.E virtual event Los Angeles

    The F.A.K.E Universe: A three-dimensional online experience where you can walk around and discover vegan designers and artists, listen to lectures,...
  • #fashionrevolution

    We are going to change fashion let’s join us  #fashionrevolution movement
  • La mort des amants.

    Painting by Marco Zappa Tiffany fashion week Ritz, Paris 2019 When fashion turns to art, to borrow inspiration, technique and notions of the avant-...

    By Angelina Kali  fashion blogger

    Find our new collection in USA ...Grace Kelly Vibes- Timeless fashion for the modern day woman. Channel you inner style icon. Contact us today to s...
  • Why art should be static?


    model Angelina Kali

    The human body is the ultimate transportable canvas.

    What the artist was able to achieve is, therefore, the continuity of expression throughout an accessible language ‘that is about itself and reads itself. It is not about subjects or stories, or even really about place. This is a language that is consistent, coherent and autonomous, allowing his sculpture to perform by itself. It is not time-limited, it does not shout, or even narrate. Its presence is animated but softy modulated, speaking a language that no one shares, but which we sense